What is virtual/augmented reality?Edit

Virtual reality is a computer generated simulation of an environment/image that is intended to immerse the user through 3D visuals. The difference between virtual and augmented reality is that augmented reality draws from the actual surroundings of the user, while virtual reality is completely computer generated.

How is it currently being used?Edit

Virtual reality is currently being used primarily in the video game industry. As a video game player, I can understand why developers would want to utilize this technology. Many video games are about immersion, which so far has only come through better graphics, audio, and physics, but now can be taken to a much more life-like level. Specifically within the industry, the horror genre has taken hold of this new technology quickly, due to the genre's dependency on realism. Many big titles are adding this feature on, such as the new Resident Evil 7.

Latest activityEdit

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